Oh my goodness, guys, it’s pretty much Spring! I started getting excited the closer it got to Matilda’s birthday and I am now in full-on beast mode when it comes to getting ready for Spring. Sometimes I wonder if I actually do hibernate. I love winter, don’t get me wrong (I’m a big fan of seasons), but as soon as that sun started shinning into our living room I was cleaning, planning, just feeling more alive! I guess I’m a bit like a plant, that way.

Wait, what’s that you say? Plant? Did you just say plant? How funny cause that’s what I want to tell you about today. We have a lovely little south-facing balcony. Ok, not everyone would love it. The guy who lived here before us told us it is not balcony to drink coffee on. We live on a busy intersection and the balcony looks out onto that coming off our bedroom – but hey, a balcony is a balcony and if there is some outside space I will make the best of it!

Last year I did a bit of planting. I had a black-eyed susan that did pretty well, some peach verbena that died (it felt like pretty much immediately) and red dipladenia that were growing up the sides of our window. It was pretty, but not wise, investment-wise, because nothing survived the winter. Wait. That’s not true. Weirdly, a blue daisy plant has survived despite me making zero effort to help it along.

Well, this year I have spent weeks planning and researching the kind of plants I want to have and am definitely going to invest in plants that will survive (with a few exceptions). Our balcony really is full-on south facing – it gets hot, hot, hot there in the summer, so one of my main priorities has been to pick flowers that can cope with that. I also have a trellis to create some shade and intimacy on our overlooked iron-wrought balcony and I need 2 climbing plants to grow around the window.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to the great Honsberg flower pick of 2015:

For the trellis: clematis. Two kinds. This beauty:

‘Florida Siebaldii’

and this one:

‘Etoile de Malicorne’

I can’t wait to see them twist up into each other!

For the window: morning glories (cause waking up in the morning and seeing those is going to make me so happy. And they remind me of my Grandma for some reason)

‘Blue Hardy’

‘Blue Hardy’ not a very romantic name for a flower and as someone who grew up on Anne of Green Gables, I prefer my flower names a bit more, well, flower-y, but it is, as the name says, hardy and very pretty and I can’t wait to see the frame it will create for our bedroom window!

For pots: roses. I have always wanted to try my hand at roses and here are the winners!

‘Madame Figaro’

I am in love with the colour of this rose and it apparently smells like lemon, anis and rose. Yum!

‘Henri Matisse’

There are a whole series of roses that have been named after painters. I saw this one years ago at the flower market in Bremen and have lusted after it for myself ever since and now I have found it again without even really looking! And apparently in can grow on a balcony so needless to say I am beyond excited about this.

The only thing I have picked out so far for the boxes along the edge of the balcony is this fun mix:

‘Hanging Mix’

How fun are those! They will create a natural curtain for the balcony. One of them, the indian mint, you can actually use to make mint tea (which I love) so bonus! And I am a sucker for that silver blue shade.

So. Those are the plans so far. For the first time in a long time I have decided not to do tomatoes or anything like that. Just flowers for the bees and my soul. Just a few more weeks and I’ll be able to watch these babies grow!

What are you growing this year? Any experience growing the plants I’ve picked? I’m dying for advice!


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