This girl turned 2.


Look at that little, fresh face! She wasn’t even an hour old here. And now she’s two! Two years of getting to know each other. Getting to know that weird chin dimple, getting to know the thoughts behind those giant brown eyes. Getting to know what she likes to reach for with those beautiful fingers. What music she likes to listen to with those ears that are like carbon copies of mine. Getting to know each curl on her perfect head. Getting to know the ache loving her makes me feel.

Two years of getting to know myself as a parent. Getting to know how angry nursing her for 1.5 hours can make me. Getting to know how happy/angry her grabbing for me can feel. Getting to know my issues even better, so that I can do my best not to pass them on to her. Getting to know that the crazy-love feeling isn’t going to get ‘normal’.

Two years of getting to know Patrick as a father. Learning that he is the one who is better at ‘teaching’. Learning that he never underestimates Matilda. Getting to know his immeasurable love for her. Watching him delight in her every word, facial expression, dance move.

Two years. So little time in the grand scheme of things, but to us, they have been everything. Happy Birthday, little monkey. We love you much.



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