Settling in.

Settling in.

Matilda started Kindergarden this week. Or is it day care? I don’t even know what it’s called in English. Krippe. For the under-3s.

Everything about getting into this Kindergarden has been miraculous. Apparently Leipzig needs a huge amount of teachers for Kindergarden which has led to long waiting lists and low chances of getting in fast. We managed, really through a serious of miraculous coincidences to get a space for Matilda at a brand new, really close, Christian-run Kindergarden.

As soon as we knew that Matilda had got a place, we started to prepare her. Every time we walked past the building we would tell her that it was her Kindergarden and would explain about all the fun. We bought her a backpack and hung it up in the hallway. She wasn’t allowed to play with it but we told her that it was for Kindergarden and she would be allowed to use it then. That really helped her get excited (when she finally got to use it she cheered, jumped up and down and just basically freaked out). She got to pick her own slippers which arrived just in time and helped get her ready. She got to paint and decorate her binder for the class and I brought her with me to buy the supplies we needed. With her character , this was the kind of prep that she really needed and helped her feel more prepared internally.

I don’t know how starting Kindergarden is done somewhere else, but so far, I love how this week has gone. We had 3 days of going together, playing together, helping Matilda get acclimated. We only stayed about 2 hours, and then would leave, come home and have lunch and carry on with our day. Thursday, I left the room for 15 minutes and Matilda did great. Today, I was gone for 40 minutes and again, no problems.

I was really worried about Kindergarden starting. I was especially worried about Matilda being disoriented because of the language gap. We thought about Patrick speaking German with her at home but it was so unnatural for us, so Matilda’s understanding of German is hard to judge. Matilda has been amazing. I can tell that there are things that she doesn’t understand, but in typical Matilda style, she is taking it all in her stride.

Next week Tuesday Matilda is going to start having lunch there with me, and on Thursday we are going to start off with the naps. Eek! I cannot even imagine what the apartment is going to feel like without Matilda in it. I am simply grateful from the bottom of my heart that she has a teacher whom she loves to see, kids that she seems to get along with and a place  where she can go to be challenged.

So good. So grateful. So fun.

Oh, and did I mention that there is a little pool room in the basement? They are following Kneipp and so she has a little pool. So fancy! She’s going to love it.

Want to know more about the process? Just write and we can chat!


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