Another day, another blog

Another day, another blog

Well, here goes. Another blog. I have been toying with the idea of blogging again for quite a while now. It’s not my first time dipping into the much-tread waters of blogging and I have never had the staying power needed to really stick with it. Will now be any different? I don’t know. After 2 previous failed attempts I make no promises, but that’s fine by me.

So why blog again? Good question.

I think (I hesitate to be definite with this) that I want to quit Facebook. Ok, ok, not quit but definitely drastically reduce how much I am on it, and yes, maybe, eventually, possibly leave it entirely. That will leave a vacuum, especially in how I keep in contact with my family, so a blog is perfect for that. A much more intimate opportunity to share in our life seeing as we are so spread apart. I also want a space where I can reflect on my attempts to free myself from Facebook’s super intense grip.

I also just love writing, and sharing and over-sharing. If no one reads this, that’s fine by me. I just want to have a diary of sorts, and blogging suits me just fine. Life is full of beautiful, tiny moments that I am so prone to forget if I don’t record them. This is my little space. For me. Who knows what it will look like, what it will contain, but it will be mine.

I also want some incentive to explore this amazing city that I get to live in. Leipzig is a treasure-trove of gorgeous nooks and crannies that I am often too shy to go into, but with Matilda starting day care next week, I’ll be freed up to do some intrepid exploring into the scary world of the pretty antique shops that are up my road.

Finally, I love reflecting and learning and growing. I want to grow as a parent, a wife, a Christian, a woman. Totally unhelpful with this is my terrible memory. I learn a lesson, discover something about myself, decide that tomorrow will be different and then nothing changes because I immediately forget what I was going to change. This honestly happens to me all the time, and I know how helpful it will be to have a place to reflect and be accountable – if only to the faceless internet.

So here goes. Hello Blogworld! My name is Sarah and I am here for an indefinite amount of time. Thanks for having me.


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